Monday, March 30, 2015

Am I becoming undeniably infatuated with the music of Mitch Welling?

The answer is yes. I am.
A few weeks ago, while mindlessly scrolling through the depths of posi twitter, I stumbled upon a string of retweets by someone called "@flatsound". I thought to myself, "he seems like a pretty cool guy", and a cool guy he was.
After finding out he was a musician with a good amount of work on youtube, I spent a few hours listening to his entire discography. I only got a little bit dehydrated from crying so a good way. (Take into consideration I am a giant crybaby)
First of all, his voice is just plain soothing. I don't know how to put it any other way. Listening to his singing kind of feels like listening to a lullaby and not wanting to fall asleep cause you're afraid you'll never hear it again. I hope that made sense.
Second of all, (is that a thing? Do people say that?) his lyrics. Oh my god, those are some quality lyrics. If you listen to any of his songs, you'll get where I'm coming from. They're written so poetically and they're bursting with meaning. I don't know how he does it, but lemme tell you, he's got talent.
So if you want to listen to spectacular tunes, (and trust me, you do) here are some links to my favorite flat sound songs. (It 's a long list)

A Small List of Things that I Normally Would Hide -Ah yes, my life story

You Said Okay -Probably his most popular song. Kind of like a mix between spoken word poetry and a love song.

I Exist I Exist I Exist -Stop telling me you're "not crying" I know you are you can't fool me

They'll Like Me When I'm Sick -*sighs*

You are the Coffin -Muffled sobbing

To See you Alive -Staring into the night sky tracing outlines of constellations while contemplating my place in this vast and unforgiving universe brb

You Had a Panic Attack in my Bathroom -You will cry ok don't fight me on this

It's Sunday, April 19th and I Miss You -Same, Mitch, same.

I'm so Concerned About the Ending that I don't Even Know the Plot - Ending of a semi-happy note?

So there it is, life itself. I'd recommend any of his other songs floating around on the web. Happy uh, music listening!


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